Our concerns

We can see how water-fronts and nearby places degrade in cleanness, we live deceptions, we get mad at others, we try to clean and take initiatives, we feel alone, we could think there is nothing we can do.

We can still do something and we need to push more this movement , specially now with all those masks out there adding more to the situation.

The broken pieces of plastic in beaches other water-fronts is devastating to see. Everywhere we go there is more and more debris, we silently do our part to try help improve the situation a little ourselves, but we need the effort of a a global movement, we need to raise awareness and also suggest things to do to reuse plastics.

Active woman tourist on the beach collecting plastic trash in a bag. Environmental protection by people matters!

Now we found out recycling was a lie to sell us even more plastic: Less than 10 per cent of the plastics we’ve used have been recycled a new documentary revealed. Probably we were too busy looking at Covid-19 stats end of 2020.

The Industries have spent millions telling people to recycle but here’s the basic problem:
All used plastic can be turned into new things, but picking it up, sorting it out and melting it down is expensive. Plastic also degrades each time it is reused, meaning it can’t be reused more than once or twice.

On the other hand, new plastic is cheap. It’s made from oil and gas, and it’s almost always less expensive and of better quality to just start fresh.

Sab woman with plastic on hands
Sad woman with plastics recovered from a remote beach

All of these problems have existed for decades, since the 1970s they knew, and no matter what new recycling technology or expensive machinery has been developed we have reached 2022 and in all these times less than 10 percent of plastic has ever been recycled.

bird s eye view of landfill
Photo by Tom Fisk on Pexels.com

But the public has known little about these difficulties. It could be because that’s not what they were told.

Back in the 1990s, the public saw an increasing number of commercials and messaging about recycling plastic carried a message like Plastic is so special, and the consumer should recycle it.

“The bottle may look empty, yet it’s anything but trash,”

did say one ad from 1990 showing a plastic bottle bouncing out of a garbage truck

“It’s full of potential. … We’ve pioneered the country’s largest, most comprehensive plastic recycling program to help plastic fill valuable uses and roles.”

We are here to focus our energies on a positive outcome, what can we do, what are we going to start doing right now. How can we reuse plastics, extract them from where they are, and show others to do the same.

We just need some creativity , the power of community , and with help of technology even better.

DOG searching what to do with plastics
DOG searching what to do with plastics


We need to take the situation in our hands and specially all those who love and are involved in Aquatic sports and related areas.

Join our AQUA Metaverse Org community and help make the difference!