GAMEFI : Gaming, Defi, Metaverse emerges on the middle of the Open Sea of NFT game assets, blockchains diversity and competing independent crypto projects to propose a cross-communication platform for multi metaverse and multi blockchain interoperability.

We are building a complete blockchain ecosystem that it’s interoperable by design and specifically focused to serve the Aquatic Sports world and derivate services such as those usually exploited around these activities.

You will find real-world brands, everything from Paddle Boards, Surf Boards, Windsurf and Kite Surf to Air Wings, Foiling, Kayaks, Moto marine, Boats and Yachts working their way into the fantastic and the futuristic.

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AQAUA Metaverse beach shack logo recycling pays Crypto on this game

These Play2Earn games are crazy, you will be compensated in Crypto for picking up plastic bottles that arrive at random and litter the waterfronts with plastic waste.

You can buy Virtual Lands that are Dynamic NFTs that you need to clean to earn the right to keep, they feature landscapes that keep changing to reflect the real weather and time of day of the location they represent.

Aqua Metaverse 3d world It’s a place where the imagination meets the real, where you can not only score points and acquire the trappings of the gaming world but also increase your wealth and investments in the real world too…should you choose the take that option.

These are NFTs packed with features and access DEFI yield farms , sell them across blockchains, maybe you want to pay with those (coff coff) DOGE coins , we hope to help you recover some value.

Web Games , 3D Worlds , Virtual Water-front Lands. 3d Paddleboard models you can even print in 3d at home!

3D Paddleboard NFT game assets fully functionals and can be obtained trough our partner NFT Marketplaces with OpenSea

We invite you to join the AquaMetaverse community where you will enjoy the games, minigames, sites, and help shape the future of the features thanks to the Decentralized Autonomous Organization in adoption.

Although there is a general direction of travel for The AquaMetaverse games, it will be you, the players and influencers within it who will ultimately decide what it ends up looking like, and even us, the creators are excited to see what that looks like.