The Aqua Metaverse Org emerges with the objective to become a “community-led” organization with no central authority, and that can ensure the continuity and global expansion of Clean-up activities near water-front locations we are starting in 2022

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We believe we can make this planet a better place, environmental protection by people matters!

Our objective is to promote, support, participate in Plastics Clean-up activities near water-fronts worldwide

Our community event Clean-up planning calendar and tools helps in organizing Group Clean-ups in a matter of a few clicks. Community Clean-ups to remove the plastics on the beaches, rivers, lakes, oceans is the solution we support.

The evolution of AQUA to a Decentralized Autonomous Organization will take place in 2022 and will be among the most decentralized in the history of the Blockchain. It will include the industry of the Aquatic Sports, brands, designers, artists, professionals, amateurs, athletes, fans, organisations involved in plastic and water-front cleanups, and the crypto community.

Welcome to our community. Join us!

Clean The Beach
Clean The Beach