The AquaMetaverse.Org website emerges with the objective to become a Decentralized Autonomous Community ensuring the development and promotion of modern technology tools, and new ways of doing things, to help clean the plastics from waterfront location worldwide. Together we can accelerate the recovery of our ecosystems.

We are creating tools to organize, promote, support events where plastics are extracted; tools to track and reward those extracting the plastics.

  • Blue Marine water
  • AquaMetaverse.dao

Our site offers the community tips, tools, forums, and support required to organize and track the results of a Clean-up event.

Communities, companies, individuals, friends, environmental groups worldwide are now engaging to extract the plastics and trash from the beaches, rivers, lakes, oceans.

We can extract plastics trash to accelerate environment recovery!

DAO : Decentralized Autonomous Organizations

Using Blockchain and DAO technologies we replace the concept of a central authority and ensure the transparency and integrity of efforts and funds used to ensure the global expansion of the plastics trash Clean-up organization Aquametaverse.DAO

The evolution of AQUA to a Decentralized Autonomous Organization is taking place on Earth Day weekend in 2022. We aim to be among the most decentralized DAO in the history of the Blockchain this year and we will include the industry of the Aquatic Sports, brands, designers, artists, professionals, amateurs, athletes, fans, organizations involved in plastic and water-front cleanups, and the crypto community.

Welcome to our community.

  • Artist, designer, a business ? make sure to register in our directory for Free and link your site/socials
  • Water sports professional and amateurs ? register your space on the Web3 and start streaming your content to the Metaverse and Web3

Join us!

Imagine a way of organizing with friends and people likeminded around the world, without knowing each other, but been able to achieve real positive impact in our planet ecosystems

We want to make sure we can grow and continue fixing objectives, define expansion roadmap, and involve other community leaders interested in helping the Aqua Metaverse project efforts to promote plastic & trash clean-up events Worldwide.

DAO voting, governance, and financial tools help in establishing the solid base of a decentralized autonomous organization that will be taking the best decisions in the interest of the worldwide communities; each country location requires a presence.

The Community Decentralized Autonomous Organization is implementing modern Web3 tools and a technical Roadmap full of features using advanced Metadata and Geolocation from pictures, Web3 features, BigData, IoT, Artificial Intelligence, and multiple Blockchain technologies.